Five Tips For Buying The Best Beauty Bed



Beauty beds are essential furniture in every beauty salon and we are sure it’s one of the first things that catches your eye when you enter a salon.

However, there are many beauty bed designs to choose from, so it can get a bit confusing when you have to make a purchase. To help you, we have identified some essential features that can provide additional value to you and your clients.

How is a Beauty Bed Used?

Before we get into the beauty bed buying tips, let's first look at their best uses. 

Facials Services

A beauty bed provides the perfect reclining furniture in a salon. The client reclines on the bed while they receive facial treatment. Most high-quality beauty beds will have a range of reclining options so that you can find the perfect angle for each client. 

Podiatry Treatments for Feet and Ankles

It’s not only relaxing to receive podiatry treatments while reclining on a beauty bed, the bed makes it easy for the therapist as well. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if you had to provide treatment while you were hunched over!


Beauty beds are also commonly used as massage tables. The adjustable feature of these beds makes it possible to offer a range of massage services without needing additional equipment.

Now you know how they are used, here are five tips you should consider when buying a beauty bed;

1. Check the Beauty Bed Features

Beauty beds in Australia have different features. First, however, you must know what to look out for. The beauty salon bed you will find on sale should have adjustable features that make the beds convenient to use.

Many of these beds are motorized and usually come with 3 or 4 electric motor configurations. Choose the model with features that match your intended usage plan.

2. Look Out for a Comfortable Beauty Bed

Your clients should feel comfortable when they recline on the beauty bed. Test or read more about features such as the neck rest, backrest, height adjustment, and other functions that make the beauty bed more comfortable.

3. Observe the Finishing

Most beauty beds are finished with leather. You can also find different colour beauty therapy beds for sale, so make sure to get one that matches your salon’s colour scheme. It’s a good idea to choose a finishing that’s easy to clean and is also comfortable for your clients.

4. Find Out the Weight Support Limit

You want to buy a beauty bed in Australia that all your clients can use, regardless of their weight. Most high-quality models can support up to 300kg, which is ideal.

5. Confirm the Design is What You Want

There are different beauty bed designs. For example, you can find beauty beds with swivel features, while others are fixed. Also, some designs feature storage drawers conveniently positioned beneath the bed. Make a choice based on designs that match your preference.

We hope these tips will help you find the beauty bed you’ve been looking for! To make it easy for you, have a look at our range of beauty beds on our website. We have different variants that will meet your needs for functionality and durability.


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