Why every salon needs a Facial Steamer with Ozone Aromatherapy

The Ozone/Aromatherapy Latest Buzz in Facial Steamers

Facial steamers are the backbone of most quality salons or venues that offer facial services. This tool of the trade has come ahead in leaps and bounds over the years as education has expanded on the benefits of a steaming treatments in a facial treatment. When you break down price of out lay to service provided a facial steamer pays itself off within a couple weeks!

Today’s latest spa, salon and home facial steamers have the addition of ozone and aromatherapy features.

Steam opens the skin's pores and helps cleanse the skin. The Ozone feature is a favourite way to remove damaging toxins from the skin by opening the pores and allowing those activated oxygen atoms to attach to and neutralize skin-damaging pollutants. The toxins you find in everyday life and activities that are transmitted through the air, water and soil can create havoc with your skin. Ozone, or activated oxygen, helps neutralize the damaging effects of toxins.

The idea of the aromatherapy feature is to add the relaxing scents to the service helping your clients relax to an even deeper level in turn giving a deeper sense of wellbeing to your client. What a beautiful, tranquil way to remove the days stress that many clients carry in today’s fast paced lifestyles. It helps them slow down and “smell the roses”.

Our newest addition to our steamer collection is the Selene it has separate Ozone and Steam switches, so you are not restricted in choice for your facial service. The easy read digital display and operation gives a modern unassuming look to any salon. The aromatherapy basket allows for those relaxing, sensual aromas to be envelop the breathing passage of your client taking them to a whole new level of de-stress. No need to panic about leaving the steamer unattended because the auto shut-off will kick in when the water level is low. Some clients may be a bit sensitive to the extra vapor volume when ozone is being used but this has an adjustment function that again allows for a very personalized treatment. The adjustable arm and height allow the steamer to suit most treatment bed levels and to top it off there are easy glide wheels for smooth movement around the treatment room and bed.

If you have a look at the steamers on our website, you can see just what a vast range we have available from the classic white pearl that now comes in black as a twist on an old classic right through to the Selene. All our steamers come with a full 1 year warranty. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and speak with one of our very helpful staff members if you would like to discuss functionality of any of our quality products.

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