Choosing the right electric beauty bed

The Beauty Bed is the core asset for any massage or spa service. Delivering these services is made possible with a Beauty Bed that is reliable and manoeuvrable with just the right features for your needs.  With so many choices of Beauty Beds / Beauty Chairs / beauty Tables on the market, let Do Beauty's exceptional customer service help you navigate this wilderness to find your ideal style in one convenient location.

How to Buy a Bed

1. PURPOSE - When shopping for a Beauty Bed, the most important thing to consider is what the bed will be used for. Is it for sports massage or will it be used for facials? Is it for everyone to use regularly for therapeutic massages or dental / beauty treatments? In a clinic/salon?  With that in mind consider the shape, size and capabilities of the Beauty Beds and remember that what works for others may not necessarily suit your needs.  It is therefore vital to study each bed's features and shortcomings before deciding.  

2. PRICE - Pricing is another important factor in the decision-making process. Beauty beds with motors are justifiably more expensive than manual or hydraulic beds, so when choosing, seek more capabilities so that you can maximize your return on investment. Consider spending a little more on your bed to get what you want.  

3. SIZE - Beauty Beds are generally not meant to be moved around frequently, so it's important to measure your space and pre-determine the size of the bed you can fit before making your purchase. When choosing a beauty bed, shopping with a reputable wholesaler, like Do Beauty can make finding the right bed for your needs a breeze. 

4. AESTHETICS - The least of your worries!  This is the last thing to consider, or the first.  Pick a color that suits your space then jump to number one above.  Remember, most beauty salons keep their beauty beds covered anyway!

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