Choosing the right facial steamer

Whether you are shopping for a personal or professional facial steamers, the large variety of steamers on the market shouldn’t make it difficult to find the best steamer for your needs. Once you have set your budget and prioritised your desires the following information can help you decide whether you're after a professional or personal facial steamer?


Professional facial steamers are similar to home steamers, the biggest difference is that they are made with much more durable materials. Given the frequent use its important that these are easy to clean between clients and that they feature larger tanks, replaceable tubing and higher-power motors that can run for longer periods of time. For smooth movement opt for the light stands that come with glide wheels.

On the other hand personal steamers need to be easy to setup. As you are most likely to do your own treatments, look for immediate access to controls and adjustments during the steam process. You will also find that most have automatic shut-offs and small capacity tanks. Home steamers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but all are made to fit on a countertop in a standard bathroom.

Do Beauty offer the best professional machines to choose from at wholesale prices.  Our selection is carefully selected for quality, effectiveness and durability, so you can shop with confidence knowing you're only choosing from the best facial steamers on the market.


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