High Frequency Facial Steamers

Nowadays, trendy beauticians are upgrading their facial steamers to high-frequency. This is mostly to help their clients with fighting the effects of aging and acne on sensitive skin. This kind of facial machines are also known to help tone and brighten skin.

High frequency steamers are safe and non-aggressive when used for skin treatments in mini facial sessions. They get rid of puffy eyes, help fade dark circles under the eyes and shrink enlarged pores by activating "violet rays" at high frequencies of up to 100,000 to 250,000 cycles per second which produce a gentle, safe high-frequency electrical current that produces heat. This heat warms up the skin to allow better absorption of special lotions or gels.

You can turn to Do Beauty for high-frequency facial steamers because of the wholesale pricing for these machines. You can find a variety of high-frequency facial steamer styles available at prices that will fit your budget. If you have questions about these advanced facial treatment units, consult our expert staff.


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