Price Increase 2022

Important news on pricing changes


You’ve always been able to rely on Do Beauty to provide you with high-quality products. Our small business model keeps overhead costs low to give you the best possible value. 

We also like to keep you informed.


Times have changed, and so have our supply chains.


While it’s business-as-usual with our Australian suppliers, our international sources are having trouble. 

China’s energy crisis resulted in factories closing for days at a time. Production shut down in some cases. A shortage of raw materials is causing order prices to seesaw. Shipping prices have increased by over 400%.

We can no longer absorb these costs, which means we need to make some changes too.


What will change at Do Beauty?


You’ll see an increase in our pricing for all new imported stock. This way we can keep choosing our most reliable suppliers, so that you keep getting the same tried-and-tested quality products. 

You may find slower supply of our imported items like furniture and beauty machines, but we’re committed to ongoing delivery of the products you trust.

Order now with what's left of exisitng stock to take advantage of existing prices while stocks last.


Talk to us.


We’re still here, our showroom is still open, and you’ll get the same customer service you’re used to. 

The order process has not changed. We’re still shipping products to our customers daily. 

If you have questions, please email or call us on 07 3892 511 and we’ll do our best to help you.